Saturday, November 7, 2009

The School Librarian's Role in Reading

The AASL Task Force on the School Librarian's Role in Reading walked us through their position statement and the wealth of resources in the wonderful toolkit they have developed.

A colleague from Maui sitting nearby just showed me that she has included my photo on her blog, so here is evidence that I am actively engaged in this conference presentation.

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I've not had a moment to contribute to MSLA en Mass. Thanks to Karen Kosko for her post. I know there are many MSLA members here, but we've been scurrying in all directions! Valerie Diggs, Linda Friel, Gerri Fegan, Chris Swerling and I are all presenters this year. Fortunately, there are many attendees posting on Twitter (#aasl2009), Flickr and the AASL conference blog.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Main libraries of Charlotte

I was very happy to find that my hotel is right across the street from the Main Library at Charlotte and just a few blocks from Imaginon (the complete building dedicated to Charlotte children's public library and the Children's Theatre of Charlotte).

I was immediately impressed by the architecture and attention to detail in both spaces. Quotes about reading and learning surround you. Everything looks new and bright and inviting. The library has careful designed the space with collaborative work in mind. Long gone is the endless and overwhelming maze of stacks - here things are laid out for you, easy to find and enticing. Much like a bookstore.

One of the highlights of the main library is the Virtual Village - with 90 computers available for public use. Reminiscent of an Internet cafe, it was busy on a Wednesday morning. The library even includes a game room and various conferences areas throughout.

Imaginon is amazing - three stories of space dedicated to children. The younger children's library was a bustle of activity. The space is extraordinary - with art both both by children and adults surrounding you, interactive exhibits and a full functioning children's theatre. The young adult wing was laid out with teens in mind - using booth seating and displays. I can't wait to go back.