Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday Highlight #1: BIGWIG Social Software Showcase 2009 (LITA Blogs, Interactive Groupware Wikis Interest Group)

I watched much of NECC on ISTE TV and attended the "Web 2.0 meet the Standards for 21st Century Learners" (AASL) with Joyce Valenza, Pam Berger, Wendy Stephens, Christopher Harris, Lisa Perez and Jeff Hastings (all on the same stage!!! with a guest appearance from David Loertscher!!!) -- to me, what was unique about the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase 2009 amusingly, was the diversity of the attendees. Because time is so precious, we tend to focus on niche events to exchange ideas with those in a similar position to ours, who best understand the environments in which we work. Being with public, academic, medical and special librarians, with a few trustees tossed in and an ALA reporter to round out the group while exploring implications and use of emerging social software was a fascinating experience. I am still sifting through the ideas that I generated as a result of hearing other attendees projects, questions, ideas and concerns. Don't be surprised if over the next few months I end up posting to the MSLA Listserv with questions related to implementing some of these...

Go check out all three links above -- NECC, the AASL session and the BIGWIG session. If you are interested in more educational technology PD, just wait until next week. EduBloggerCon - East Coast is on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009, followed by November Learning's 2009 Building Learning Communities conference.

Sunday highlight #1: Beyond Pizza: Teen Advisory Groups as Library Leadership (YALSA)

Beyond Pizza: Teen Advisory Groups as Library Leadership
The care and feeding of library advisory boards keeps many a librarian up at night. This program will cover best practices, supply toolkits, and address traditional as well as more flexible models in which teens work as advisors to the library. Librarians from public and school libraries, as well as teens involved in their library program, will offer insight to creating, maintaining, growing or rejuvenating your teen group.

This session featured both the outgoing and incoming heads of the YALSA's Teen Advisory Groups Committee! As I will be the only adult in our library this coming year, I hoped that I would be able to glean many good pointers for effectively enlisting our student volunteers. The session did not disappoint! In addition to learning about the neat (and diverse!) programs of the public libraries, a nice treat was that Courtney Lewis, the outgoing chair who chaired the session is a school librarian.

Two interesting tips:
1. She has a "course catalog" of classes from which faculty can choose a workshop that they would like to have taught to their class. They can simply look at her brochure and say the equivalent of "I'd like to book Into to Databases for second period on Thursday."
2. Since her volunteers are so well versed with library offerings, they are able to serve as informal ambassadors to suggest to faculty specific library resources (print, electronic, workshop, library personnel, etc.) to be integrated with the unit at hand.

Further resources for TAGs can be found on YALSA's TAGS page. This is a collaborative endeavor, so go and add your own!

My ALA '09 Wrap-up

Greetings from another First-Time ALA National Conference attendee!

The conference goes by so quickly... I've been able to sort through my bags and handouts, to start to look at my notes and to begin to integrate all of the conversations and sessions in with my other thoughts about the conference and how I plan to use all that I have learned. That means that I'm now ready to blog!

This is the biggest tech-savvy conference that I have attended. As Kathy mentioned, twitter was a big thing. I wasn't able to keep track as well as I would have liked, but even following tweets and backchannels to the extent that I was able to certainly made for a richer experience within sessions and more streamlined experience overall.

I took a few minutes to read over everyone else's posts to the blog before posting. The wealth of offerings meant that there was a wide variety in the sessions that your MSLA en Mass bloggers attended. It was fantastic to be able to see the conference from some other perspectives and itineraries! This afternoon, I hope to be able to share from some of the sessions that made the greatest impression on me.

I'll leave off for now with the pre-conference advice, "Five Tips For A Better ALA Conference Experience" from SteveB on the ACRL site.