Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Highlight #2: ACRL Science and Technology Section Poster Session (ACRL-STS)

I love Poster Sessions.

The ACRL Science and Technology Section Poster Session, unfortunately, was not as centrally located as most of the sessions that I attended. The trek, though, was a completely worthwhile one.

Themed "Big Science, Little Science, E-Science," the above-linked website describes the Poster Session as follows: This program will explore the science librarian's role in the emerging conversation concerning data and data curation in scientific research with the goal of raising awareness and empowering science librarians to approach faculty members about these issues.

While ostensibly geared to other Science Librarians by providing those models, as a side benefit, there was much to be found in the way of resources for k-12 students and teachers, particularly those at the high school level. I had an especially good conversation with the presenters of "Physics Education Research (PER) Central: Expanding the Scope of Digital Libraries by Promoting Resources Through Assisting a Conference" from the University of Oklahoma who shared a model of supporting Physics and Astronomy Education via serving as the repository for conference materials. comPADRE looks like a great resource to bookmark and send on over to your Physics and Astronomy teachers. (free, but requires registration)