Monday, March 2, 2015

Laura Gardner might talk faster than me!

SOME notes from the fastest talking funnest librarian out there...
(I missed some things...but all her notes are here)

She has 4 green screens -- I need one!  She uses her office because the door shuts; she also seems to have one screen that is a green curtain

The library belongs to EVERYONE in my school--YES!  40 student volunteers, drop-in volunteers

Always keep a list for anyone who drops in so when they ask, there is something for them to do

Uses screencasts and makes tons (she has subscription to screencast o'matic); she takes about 5-20 minutes to create screencasts to provide tutorials and this is how she clones herself--I need to do more of this!!

Volunteers keep the library open--use adults who are not just parents!  Lonely people who work at home, retired teachers (they know things), --has them work in circulation, shelving, read and reorder shelves, displays, decorate, help with technology, delete old books, edit records in catalog.  Cultivate long-term relationships.
Be super positive, make it fun, never say no and be super flexible
Let them know you love them, but don't spend any money on them

Student volunteers--7th and 8th graders; kids open the library!  turn on the lights, turn on the computers, etc.  After school kids come down and get things ready for next day;  perform MANY basic tasks--circulation, shelving (with training), plug in technology, download and test out apps; make deliveries
Kids need to fill out applications and get selected to participate--most kids get selected, but it is perceived to be competitive
She makes it fun!  (She has fun, she IS fun)

All these people doing all these tasks helps ensure that she's working on the most important things and that she's got a group of people (adults and students) in the room who can reinforce her library mission--recommending books, making students feel welcome, etc.

Online scheduling is done with a google spreadsheet that you can set up to meet the scheduling needs of your school; all teachers can get in and sign up for library, computer labs, ipads

She has up to 3 classes in there at a time

Has monthly report and annual report (I need an annual report!)

On social media--instagram, facebook, blogs once a week using weebly app
Instagram is to communicate with kids
FB is to communicate with parents and former students

Consistency matters!  post often and regularly; use hashtags
Use these tools to make the library go 24/7--e.g., on a snowday post where to find ebooks

Bring in chalkboard paint (or my chalkboard stickers that I got for Christmas) to make
an announcement board

annual student survey  with survey monkey to get kids' ideas about what to change--like more comfy chairs; decals for the wall about reading; change biography section so it is about --scientists, athletes, writers, artists, etc

Got rid of reference books and put them in nonfiction and moved graphic novels to front of room (I need to do this!!)

Labeled what book in the series comes next...put the book numbers on the spine

Collaboration--three types:  1. gung ho; 2. will do it if you do everything; 3. scared and dont' want to leave their comfort zone

Teachers 1 rock--you do your best work with them
Teachers 2--let you develop awesome projects if you do the work; tell them you'll do all the technology, help write the rubric, and show them what to do if they grade the content
teachers 3--come more slowly, you have to be willing to wait

Eat Lunch!! You need to chat with your colleagues

GET NAMETAGS for kid volunteers

Note to me:  Get the suggestion book back in the room and get an online clickable option--maybe padlet would work for this well for little kids?

You can categorize your Goodreads list