Friday, November 6, 2015

Innovative Research for Elementary Students

Librarians with ELL focus gave lots of concrete ideas about how to roll out research with young students.  They broke out the research process and provided several practical, easy-to-implement ideas that are included in the google doc notes attached here.

Some BIG take aways:
  • Use multimodal ways to connect with ELL (and all) students including visual images, discussion and movement to help students understand
  • Breakdown tasks, model, practice and gradual release is essential
  • Embed minilessons into research projects to ensure authentic understanding
  • Research always needs an authentic purpose and it can be high tech or low tech

My favorite pieces:
  • Always end every student research checklist with "I can share what I learned"
  • Great links to tools I've not seen before
  • Wonderful rethinking of rubrics and citations for small people

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